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General Order No. 5: The Redemption of a Muslim American Patriot, chronicles my true life story of a boy who grew up into manhood, and various levels of leadership with an ongoing desire to make an impact on world peace. Throughout my life’s journey, while experiencing some of my own mistakes, crimes, and deception, I repeatedly sought redemption and the ultimate correction of past improper behaviour. During a carefully noted chain of events that began before my birth, in my quest to address the many ills plaguing America and the world, I would finally discover the true meaning of patriotism, and what must be done to improve the quality of life of the good people of America. The meaning of General Order No. 5 reflects my frame of mind, as I would approach and attempt to tackle one after the other, a task, project, or mission, and see it through to completion . . . or at least until I could be properly relieved.

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Four Stages of the Ideal Employee

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